That Ball’s Outta Here

As happens each July, the eyes of baseball fans and sports aficionados turn toward the yearly induction ceremonies for the Hall of Fame.  This year’s honorees will be on site at the veritable Mecca of baseball to watch their plaques be unveiled.  But once again, one of the major topics of discussion surrounding this annual … Continue reading

Heroes of the Gulf

Well, folks, it looks like Eckman Engineering is in the news yet again.  Still reeling from the murder of their CEO two years ago, the company is now being sued by BP to help offset the multi-billion-dollar price tag for the gulf oil spill cleanup effort.  BP alleges that shoddy cementing services for the Macondo … Continue reading

For God and Country

We all know that the vigilante calling himself Fury of Solace is ex-U.S. military.  With no major attacks by the masked maniac since the Mason Tower bombing, and more than a year of silence on the Solace front, we’d hoped against hope that the Iraqi war vet had learned his lesson and moved on.  But … Continue reading

Yearning to Breathe Free

Superhero vigilantism is on the rise in this country, but not all vigilantes have costumes and powers.  These individuals crop up in any walk of life where the proper authorities cannot or will not maintain the safety and order that it is their responsibility to provide.  And occasionally, these vigilantes actually organize.  One such group … Continue reading